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NetK - network visualization

NetK© - free, open source tool for network topology visualization and distributed under GNU GPL v2 terms and conditions.

The main project task is network scheme (map) creation, with information about network equipment (from structure to endpoint) and clients. NetK is written on PHP with MySQL database backend.

Among with multiuser and user role capabilities, one can also use power search engine to find out network nodes with parent devices. User-friendly interface allows browsing detail information about network equipment by simple selection of scheme element. Powerful report engine helps quickly count many network showings, such as capacity, equipment amounts, etc.

In any moment user can easily generate network scheme in form of raster graphical file. This is made by generation DOT format file  which can be processed by Graphviz package, the open source tool for graph creation. Resulting file is processing by "neato" tool from Graphviz package which is suitable for undirected graphs creation.

Right now NetK is widely used in two isp's: CJSC "Mulitiservisnye cable networks"  and LLC "Povolzhskiy Protsessingoviy Centr".

The main NetK advantages is:
- only open-source components and technologies is used;
- scalable architecture;
- theoretically unlimited network size;
- high speed of visualisation engine;
- multiple connections to parent/uplink nodes visualization;
- network equipment and clients accounting;
- multi-user interface;
- platform independent user interface;
- fast integration with any billing systems;
- fast integration with any monitoring systems.

NetK future features:
- visualisation of different kind of links ( virtual/physical);
- "link nodes" to combine schemes;
- commands execution on network equipment;
- multi-city network hierarchy;
- different browser support;
- more AJAX usage.

You can test  NetK 1.0-alpha1 functions in online demo version with following credentials:
     Login:   test
     Pasword:   test

In bug tracking system you can directly report errors or wishes.

General question can be asked on FAQ page.



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